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Aikido for Kids

kid's class. Photo © Franklin Lee

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About Aikido

Aikido is a revolutionary martial and self-defense art developed in Japan is the early 1900's. Its techniques are powerful movements which stop short of punishment and revenge.

What do your children get from Aikido classes?

Self defense: Learn to throw attackers to the ground with ease and confidence.

Self respect: Meet life's challenges with enthusiasm.

Positive Discipline: The ability to achieve without negative reinforcement.

Fun: Above all Aikido is fun, not only will your children participate in non-competitive games, but they'll also have regular promotions, and earn colored belts and special "belt tips".


Classes start at 5:30 on weekdays, 10am Saturdays. See the class schedule page for all classes and times.

How to sign up

Call 707-548-4881

New School Aikido
Santa Rosa, California
880 Piner Road, #55
(between Range & Airway)
email Sensei Wisdom
phone 707-548-4881